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Atlantean Awakenings

Golden Age of Atlantis

Do you have a love/hate relationship with crystals?

Do you have memories from Atlantis?

Do you remember using the pyramid temples for healing?


The Golden age of Atlantis was a time where the communities maintained divine simplicity, performed incredible technological feats, developed wondrous powers, lived joyously for the moment and created the highest spiritual time there has ever been on this planet.  So there was no illness present as each Atlantean regularly realigned their mental, emotional and spiritual bodies using sound and crystals.  Most Atlanteans had a high level of psychic attunement and spiritual connection having psychic gifts, including healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, levitation, mind control and telekinesis, developed powers of manifestation.

The end of Atlantis was traumatic for many of us and we still hold trauma, fears and belief programming from this period that no long services us and now is the time to let it all go and the unicorns say that by starting to love ourselves more deeply we let go of our critical judgments of self, doubting ourselves and any anger, hatred and distrust of ourselves.

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