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Rainbow HealinFrequencies

Rainbows span a continuous spectrum of colours arranged in a specific order.  In "reality" the colors of the rainbow consist of the whole light-color-spectrum. There are more colors in a rainbow than there are stars in the Universe or atoms in your body, but that goes far beyond what we can perceive. Our imperfect eye can (probably) only discern about a million distinct colors when we view a rainbow. Rainbows contain upward of 1 million colors, in a much larger continuum than the seven that we know red, yellow, blue, green, violet orange and indigo as there are many colors that we are unable to see or have access to with our human eyes.


Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. We are drawn to the colors needed to create balance in our lives, the goal in all healing. Colors attract us to certain clothing and accessories, color we select for our homes, and even the foods we eat. Color is energy made visible.  It is a pure state of divine energy. No complex interpretation or belief concepts are needed.

As our body is made of atoms, it is able to emit and absorb light of very specific frequencies, and hence we can observe absorption and emission lines unique to individual atoms, particles and molecules.  Not only that, but atoms can be combined in extraordinarily intricate patterns to create a myriad of molecule with many different wave lengths of absorption/emission, to be sure, but a finite number to promote the shifts within our human body.

How does this help us with our current soul journey?

The Rainbow bridge of color links our two polarities together.  White light is the divine consciousness and colors are the actions of this energy.  The highest vibrating form of light is clear white light and that is the light of the divine. From clear light, all other colors emerge. When you shine a light through a clear crystal, a rainbow of color gets refracted . Just as when the light from the divine reaches earth and hits our density is begins to vibrate color. These rays of color each carry a vibration that we can work with and help to anchor to the earth.


In this healing modality, we tap into the missing colors of our soul of the of light through the dimensions to create shifts within us as fast as 30 seconds. Each color of our soul contains specific frequencies. We are all made of energy and every energy has a frequency similar to the musical keys. And those frequencies together with our own frequencies, resonate with the environment that attracts other objects and beings with similar frequencies. This principle is akin to that striking a tuning fork in a room full of various tuning forks and the tuning forks with the same frequency will simultaneously ring with the fork that was struck, even if they’re on the other side of the room! Like attracts like. These activated frequencies send out energetic vibrations as it clears stored unhealthy energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain in the physical, emotional, mental spiritual and material plane.  As we are aware Light has many facets and aspects that affect us. This process assists to bring more Light to each of us to assist in our manifestations.


As we are aware colors are also frequencies, the respective frequencies (white, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and more) works initially on the 7 chakra of our physical body as well as our organs where the energetic vibrations would go wherever it needs to go to complete the connection to allow the shifts to happen in our lives. This process also assists in clearing stored energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain at the PEMS levels.

Are you ready to received the downloads of one more than 144 colors into your energetic bodies in the class or receive missing colors in your soul?

Rainbow Frequency Healing

In the session, you will receive the missing color frequency to help ease your soul purpose.

Investment: US$150
Rainbow Frequency Class

In this class, you will receive the downloads for more than 144 colors into your energy field to support you journey.

Investment: US$640
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