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Advanced Prisms


"As a Master you tune your spiritual prism to gather the colored lights together to become white light again."


Learn how the hue-man body works as a prism splitting and dividing light into different hues of color and back together again as one. This class teaches you on a practical level, how to recognize where you are splitting the white light of your soul into a rainbow of colors expressed through your individual experiences. As we ascend in vibration, we move back toward the wholeness of being pure white light again. This is our ultimate job as lightworkers on the planet. This class teaches you how to use sets of over 20 prisms to bring you back into your full brilliance while still in body. A hand out is included. 

Prerequisite: None 
Investment: US$144 

7 Colors only. (approximately 1.5 hours) 

To receive the full Rainbow frequencies for the 20 prisms

Investment is US$1,440 (3-4 hours approximately)

"Conscious You evaluates, filters and "discusses" perceptions, models and outcomes with an Internal You -- your "Self" to process emotions, make decisions, make thoughts and take actions. The earth Prism soon matures to allow space for your Spiritual Prism."

4 Clarity Prisms.png

Personal classes also can be scheduled via Skype to meet your schedule. Send an email now to Chai Kim to schedule your class today.

Investment to receive full Rainbow frequencies for the 20 Prisms.  US$1,440

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