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Atlantean DNA Activations

1st Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps initiates new beginnings with the understanding and importance of time. Increases the speed in manifestation. Supports us in moving forward and let go of fear of the unknown and relearning what we need to let go in the process which includes the process of forgiveness of others and self. Aligning Divine synchronicities into our life.

2nd Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps bring forth a deeper level of harmony within our body, aura, life and relationships. Helps us free ourselves from the limitations of our senses, gather all our energies, and concentrate them on the original source of life. Enjoying and living life to the fullest. Harmonize left and right hemispheres of the brain to give you greater clarity, peace, focus and creativity. . Harmonize areas in conflict with our physical health and well-being- allowing our organs to be functioning in harmony with each other and at optimal levels. Activating or strengthen the Schumann Resonance (vibration of the earth) historically has held at 7.83 Hz where our body feels best.

3rd Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps bring up a deeper knowing and awareness with our community, family and friends around us. This awareness helps us understand how to be disciplined when we create or maintain our boundaries: key in maintaining healthy relationships with people as well as with our own body systems. This helps us to be aware about the importance of loving and honoring our self first before we get can be able to help others. Reintroducing the Me-first principle where we look at ourselves on areas of self-love, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-preservation Healing ourselves from any embarrassment: guilt, shame, and traumatic experiences where we may have failed in our actions and behavior to create and honor our own boundaries. A constant reminder on the need on loving ourselves always comes first, so we may in turn are able to love others.

4th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps us cope with our shifts or ascension symptoms with ease to enable us to come into a greater wholeness and wellness in our being. Also being able to feel actual physical changes in our body that allow us to receive and be in the vibrations of greater health and happiness on all levels. Helps us to adapt to new conditions and situations with ease.

5th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps brings conscious recognition of our own virtues, essence and moral principles about ourselves and how we can use it to support our life purpose. Helps support us on issues on self worth, self-esteem and our purpose in the Divine Plan. Helps us to breakdown the heart walls and open our heart to connect with the Divine while staying true to our authentic Self.


​6th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps us ensure keep spiraling upward and forward in our journey to the next level overcoming challenges with ease. Supports to transmute all non-beneficial programs that may seem never to end that is holding us back. Breaks through deep levels of stagnation. Helps us to easily embrace and heal others as well as ourselves in need of your love, psychic attachments and earthly and cosmic karmas. Able to be learn how to take full responsibility for self.

7th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps us to re-connect to our inherent Divinity, to become more empowered and supportive of changes in our lives. Connecting to your Infinite Self and Inner Child for information about your life purpose and how to stay track with life purpose. Helps bring more focus to help us to complete any tasks at hand.

8th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps catapult us forward, over the blockages while being focused on our own path and development. Releases from control issues and creating or strengthening our own boundaries. Supports in releasing and closure thorough self-forgiveness for self and others to allow us to move forward. Reclaim back our power, honor and control over our own life and move forward on our own path focusing on our positive values, self worth and choices. Supports with the breaking of old pattern and circles of addiction. Help with strengthening one's will when approaching new pathways when all seems lost.

9th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps highlight and attract the relevant people who are on the same path or situations that supports us to be alignment with our soul purpose. Helps us have a deeper understanding on the connection about those we meet on our journey and helping us move through our soul lessons with ease.

10th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps brings forth profound fortitude and strength on multiple levels i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual to overcome life challenges. Increases our self endurance and vigor.


11th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps bring clears confusion and provides greater clarity about your gifts and abilities. Tapping into the knowledge. Embrace your divine soul purpose and inherent abilities. Gaining more insights, ideas, inspirations, talents, and skills not possible before to enhance your personal evolution. Attune to our Higher self and increase creativity. Through the wisdom, we are able to find the root cause of the issue or challenges and have access to the various options for peaceful solutions.


12th Atlantean DNA Activation

This Activation helps with us develop and strengthen a higher sensory acuity. The types of psychic abilities that correspond with the five senses of seeing (Clairvoyance), hearing (Clairaudience), feeling {Clairsentience), smelling (Clairalience) and tasting (Clairgustance). Claircognizance is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Spirit impresses us with truths that simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. More connected to your inner knowing and inner GPS system. Helps us remember how to rely on our inner knowing and inner wisdom for guidance. Helps us in opening our heart space to be able to re-connect with our inner truth and liberate ourselves from perceived negative states of awareness.


13th Atlantean DNA Activation

With the rise in global consciousness, the Atlantean beings have now presented the 13th Strand Activation to activate the awareness about unity with ourselves at the deepest level. (Note: You need to complete the 12 DNA activation before proceeding with the 13th activation). This 13th activation helps brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness.This activation brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness. Supports us to be empowered and self-willed as the activation allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive. It brings back into unity all of the old duality elements. Connects one from the earth plane to the God-Self, with the energy of the Christ as the love source that assists the veils of separation to be lifted i.e. designed to integrate Spirit and flesh. This activation weaves love throughout the initial 12 strands of DNA, thus imprinting the Divine Blueprint, Spirit’s blueprint, the innate being of you which has stemmed from the source, the beginning, and day one of creation. The Christ, the anointed spirit formed into beingness is thus resurrected, alive again within each and every being. Leap of personal evolution moving into Mastery of Being into Oneness.

13 Atlantean Activations MP3 

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