Your Facilitator


Keeper of the Spectral Realms of the Divine


As the keeper Ha'landrel, an open channel of the Divine energies, she holds the component parts of  the full spectrum of divine light - those that are ethereal, untouchable, unreachable, unknowable aspects of the spectrum of the divine light rays, DNA codes & frequencies.  As an alchemist she holds the ability to interconnect with these spectral realms to create, to add to, to diminish, to merge or shape the component  parts and rays & frequencies of the as required from the original divinity streams for each soul that seeks her.   

She also holds the  spectral frequencies & rays of ancient times  & civilizations where souls embodied within their divine plan,  particularly from Lemuria, Atlantis  (Atlantean Princess & Supreme High Priestess),  of Ancient  Egypt and of the Mayan times. As an over-lighting guardian, being a Supreme High Priestess in her lifetime in Atlantis, she holds the ability to connect with and to retrieve &  to heal, to transmute the karmic wounds, records and memories of those  who incarnated during these ages. She is able to access these unresolved traumatic  memories to assist her clients to move on. 

She also holds the connection to the movement  of subatomic molecular particle  activation,  which she is able to connect to the very Light spinning in each of our cellular structure down to our DNA codes .  A master of atomic energy in healing. She assists those who are embodying into the  world to find their roles within their allotted life contract and to take  their place with all higher gifts intact within their  divine  nature in  physical embodiment.  She is able to reinstate the divinity of each soul & to assist each, their  divine gifts to be restored, utilized, and shared, to bring their magnificence to earth.

She continues to bring in the lost knowledge of healing during the time of Atlantis and other lost civilization such as Death & Resurrection, Atlantean Crystal Healing & more teachings from the Divine Realms in her journeys.