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Divine Healing Vortex  with Spectrum Divine Frequencies



The Healing Grid of the Divine


The Healing Grid works through Divine Consciousness.  It brings in the qualities of Divine Grace, Divine Wisdom, Divine Heart & Divine Truth. It aligns our consciousness with the truth and with the movement of truth through creation to allow all of our conditioning to let go on its own accord.  The issues will be unraveled, unwound and realigned with all of creation


You can choose a specific area of focus for the healing to be placed in the Divine Healing Grid be it a project, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.


Suggestions for vortices are as follows:


  • Healing and balancing your chakra system

  • Healing and strengthening your nadis

  • Healing and strengthening your meridians

  • Healing and strengthening your jinshin system

  • Healing all of your energetic pathways

  • Healing and strengthening all organs 

  • Healing your karmic field which is located along your spine

  • Release karmic hooks expressed in this field  (if they are ready to be resolved) from our past

  • Clearing karmic field between two Ancestral genetic lines

  • Clearing karmic hooks of unresolved relationships with people/plants/place

  • Healing karmic hooks with a parent, sibling, partner or relative and more.

Email to schedule a session or for more details.

Healing our Karmic Body

Each of the energetic bodies also expresses an energy field from itself that is a major vehicle for its interaction with life as well as with the other energetic bodies. This is particularly important when it comes to the karmic body, for the karmic body’s energy field has a larger role in carrying the karmic history and positions to the other bodies and organs than even the karmic webbing does.  The karmic body is the densest of the energetic bodies, with 7 layers of ‘subtle energetic tissue’ making the conditioning there very difficult and slow to release. The karmic body is different in that it rests in the core of our spine and is the central interface for the incarnational personality, since the incarnational body comes into and merges with the karmic body, imprinting all of its conditioning there. This includes the ‘karma knots’, which are the focal points for the issues of the incarnational personality. When the incarnational body’s conditioning is imprinted into the karmic body’s energetic ‘tissue’ and the karmic mind is merged into the human psyche, a new focal point for our karmic drama on a much denser level is created, at the center of our human personality.

As the incarnational personality experiences all its ‘stuff’ and its incarnational body as itself and wants to express itself, it ‘grows’ what we call ‘karmic webbing’ out of the karmic body, which reaches into all the other areas of the energy system and expresses all that ‘stuff’ into the rest of the system, imprinting it there as conditioning. The karmic body is clearly one of the main sources of conditioning for all the aspects of our energy system. But about a quarter of the impact of the karmic body comes from its consciousness field, which is easier to transform (but which will get re-conditioned over time as long as the karmic body’ tissue and karmic mind is still conditioned). The karmic body is also where our ‘karma knots’ reside, once they are brought in by the incarnational body. Karma knots, once released, are gone forever.

Each of our incarnational journey occurs through our incarnational body which is our incarnational vehicle, our vehicle for moving from life to life. However it is the consciousness of the incarnational personality itself—its ‘karmic mind’—which holds our karmic issues, positions, attitudes, and all our past-life history, and generates personal life experiences from that. It is one of the two major keys to our conditioning. (The other is our genetics, our ancestral history.) When the incarnational personality incarnates, it comes into the spine and aligns itself with the karmic body (an energetic body in the spine that arises with the physical body and other energetic bodies), once the fetus is developed enough to have a spine. Although the incarnational personality’s consciousness must be present at conception, it cannot really “embody” until there is a spine. Once embodied, although the incarnational personality it may looks like a bubble around the body with its core aligned with the karmic body and all of its history and issues are deeply imprinted there, creating a very thin however a very dense line, the length of the spine, extended within the vertical center of the spine. (This is not the kundalini, which is a dense physical energy and is comparatively quite a wide channel.)


Karma Knots

Our most fundamental karmic issues are held as little “knots” on this line, so we call these knots ’karma knots’.  Our karma knots are the foundation of our present life drama. Any major issue we have in this life will have lots of past-life history, and at the root of that history will be some ongoing karmic issue, which is always rooted in our experience of separateness.

Our karma knots are the foundation of our present life drama. Any major issue we have in this life will have lots of past-life history, and at the root of that history will be some ongoing karmic issue, which is always rooted in our experience of separateness. (This history will also find resonance in the ancestral history in our DNA, reinforcing its ‘story’.) In general, all the drama and issues held in the incarnational personality, including our karma knots, will imprint every aspect of our human consciousness and energy system.

The very first karma knot that was created, which will also be the last one to go.  issues that have arisen around separateness—doubt, power, helplessness, etc. and reinforce our basic identity with separateness. The freeing of any karma knot, therefore, moves us deeper into Oneness.

Karma knots have an intricate structure: the center of the karma knot is like a hole. In fact, when the incarnational personality is not in a body with all of its ‘stuff’ compressed into the spine, these tiny holes look a bit like horrible, gaping holes in the form. 

Only Divine energy or Divine consciousness can release karma knots as karma knots are based on the consciousness of separateness; only that which is beyond separation—the divine—can release them. And because karma knots are based on the consciousness of separation, releasing a karma knot is not like pulling out a splinter but rather awakening the separated consciousness to its original experience of Oneness. At the moment of awakening that consciousness, the hole of separation within the karma knot fills with divine light and the consciousness of Oneness, and that issue, at that karmic level, is released and resolved, never to return.

When the karma knot and its issue are released into Oneness, much of the history surrounding it often remains.  This history, as well as the imprinting of the issue and its history onto the “tissue” of the karmic body (which has 7 layers of tissue), will continue to condition both the incarnational personality and the human consciousness. Even when all the karma knots are gone, this conditioning that arose from it will still be held very deeply, at many levels of the energy system, and will continue to condition the person to act and react in particular ways. Even after ‘basic awakening’, much of that conditioning remains. Yet with the release of all the karma knots, a new place of manifested freedom then exists within the human’s system, and that human moves into a new level of consciousness. From here, it is much easier to work on the remaining baggage, because a major the root of the baggage is gone. Losing the last karma knot also creates a large energetic shift in the overall energy system, making it more fluid.

Patterns of Karmic Webbing

Out of the karmic body grows the karmic webbing that holds this deep intention for expression into humanness, as well as all the history and issues. This Karmic Webbing weaves itself into the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and into the chakras, imprinting all of these systems with the incarnational personality’s history and emotional position. And because of the incredible force of the intention within it, it may be harder to release than karma knots, just as the roots of a tree may be easier to cut through than the trunk that grew from it. While all the karma knots are dissolved, this Karmic Webbing remains.  In some areas of the body, usually in an organ or chakra or energetic body, if there is a dense emotional charge or ‘fixation’, this karmic webbing may weave itself to create a karmic structure. Because of the density of intention to express karmic history held in these structures, they will have a strong impact on one’s human’s emotional consciousness and may significantly weaken certain organs or chakra(s) where these karmic structures are held   However there may be times when the energetic pressure strengthens the organ.  When a Karmic Structure becomes old enough it may reorganize itself into a more coherent form and take on a life of its own.

As described above, Karmic Webbing is generated by the incarnational personality (from within the karmic body), as a way to express its identity and positions itself into the lifeform into which it has incarnated. The issues force the Karmic Webbing into patterns that are expressed by a single emotional position and carries eons of emotional memory to support that position. It’s a very strong support for an issue. Karmic webbing can also create ‘energetic body cores’ such as core ego positions and core human ego imprints.

Core Ego Positions

Core human ego positions are another manifestation of our karma knots. They are expressions of our incarnational issues into our human consciousness, and they look a bit like bubbles of positional consciousness, expressed to the left or right of the spine, depending upon whether it will mainly be expressed through the male or female energy.

Core Human Ego Imprints are created when the incarnational personality comes into the karmic body, in addition to its issues it imprints the overall ego-sense of the personality itself. This becomes a very deep imprint in both the karmic body and the energetic spine. The part of it in the energetic spine is called the Core Human Ego Imprint.  There are at least more the 300 Core Human Ego imprints e.g. abandonment, abused, addiction, anger, betrayed, bitter, control, fear, , forsaken, grief, guilt, shame, need to please, injustice, manipulation, misunderstood, rejection, overwhelmed, rejection, self doubt, tormented, unsatisfied etc.

In general, each of us will have one of these core ego positions for every pattern of karmic webbing. However they don't arise out of the webbing; they are separate expressions of the karmic issues into the human consciousness—and they do reinforce each other. In general, should a person still have a karma knot for a particular human ego position, then the ego position will probably be recreated rather quickly, if it is released. However  with the karma knot gone, the ego position may  not be easily recreated.

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Coming soon re-coding the genetics with the Divine Healing Grid and Vortex energies

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