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Catalans Geometric Healing Frequencies



The Catalan language body of light offer the two poles of 13 INTERNAL LAWS, with whom we are in deep conviction in resonance, a home and secure our path, the new move up and may align.

1.Lack / Over-Abundance
2.Nothing / Everything
3.Lower Than / Higher Than
4.Conditional / Unconditional
5.Nothing is to My Satisfaction / Everything is to My Satisfaction 
6.No Receiving / No Giving
7.Entitlement / Don’t Deserve
8.Drama / Peacemaker
9.Being Right / I Don’t Know Anything
10.Global / Nobody in the World
11.Don’t Change Anything / Don’t Let Anything Be the Same 
12.Everything is Simple / Everything is Complicated

13. Mastering All Inner Laws 

The gifts of the Catalan Body is being able to stay present and being in alignment with your authentic self, are the gift of Catalan BODY for the new time in your being there.


The Catalan solids class teaches us to be in alignment with each of the 13 INNER LAWS, with whom we are in deep conviction and in resonance with in our life.  The inner laws shapes our decisions as well as the direction that relationships often unfold for us.  Our relationship with ourselves is mirrored though us in its essence, through the life and law of polarity in every life situations. Each of the Catalan solids represents the Inner Laws where they embody and represent many intricate details of our life story.


These Catalan solids brings light and create shifts within ourselves (who seek healing and wholeness ), if they are held in a stable,continually reproducing mutual supportive while the self can clearly move through blockages and obstacles. 


When we accept and own a new Inner Law it would present itself as a valuable learning tool for our growth and development, by being in alignment with our authentic self.


Once you have received the energetic downloads (shapes, colors and crystal energies), you can use the shapes to support your life needs.


Manual is provided.

Investment: US$330

3 hour class

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