Atlantean Alchemy

Atlantean Alchemy is the healing journey of cleansing, growth and transformation based on this ancient wisdom. Once we start looking within, awareness begins and lessons can be learnt. This triggers the cleansing of our mental and emotional debris, which is the removal of the outer layers of our being. This process gives us personal freedom, strengthens our vital powers and brings physical and mental wellbeing, as well as a deeper connection with our true self. This process also enables a stronger connection to Universal Consciousness, bringing broader understanding of the world we live in.

The end of Atlantis was traumatic for many of us and we still hold trauma, fears and belief programming from this period that no long services us and now is the time to let it all go and the unicorns say that by starting to love ourselves more deeply we let go of our critical judgements of self, doubting ourselves and any anger, hatred and distrust of ourselves. The Atlantean Unicorns wish to assist us in finding ourselves and the love for ourselves once again as a portal of love from the Sun, Moon, Love and Dragon Pyramids.

Healing with the Unicorns

The Atlantean Unicorns are a special group of Unicorns who assisted with the Atlantean civilisation. Many of us have had past lives in Atlantis and particularly at the end of Atlantis when the vibrations and consciousness of the people was dropping, elements of fear and other lower emotions were imprinted into our body elementals sometimes referred to as our deep psychic. The Atlantean Unicorns offer help to you to feel loved and to see the love all around and to be centred and serene.

Unicorns are one of the most beautiful elementals to encounter and work with.  These beautiful white horses with golden manes and horns protruding form their foreheads are the consciousness of pure love, which they radiate out onto the land.  They can have profound healing roles to help humans too. Their gift to us as a race is unconditional divine love which can be accessed by all who ask.

Healing with the Dragons

here are Dragons, in every part of the World, in all different color's, sizes and abilities.  our personal guardian Dragon, has been with you before, perhaps hundreds of years ago.